TUESDAY TIPS: Various Editions

    You have written your book, it has been revised, edited, beta read, fixed, polished and you have a professional cover.

    Here is where you can go to publish:


    STILL FALLING will be my first title that has all four formats. I recommend that you address each of these one at a time for best results.

    Each of these formats have their own set of issues and complexities and costs. I have now navigated all of these paths and have started helping other authors in ways I wish someone had helped me. I am teaching them to fish instead of giving them fish.

    Now that I own and operate Tannhauser Press, I may do it for money in the future. But right now it's good times, encouraging fellow authors, giving a leg up where I can. Earning a lunch now and then.

    --I wish I had been given these four links years ago.



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